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Is Kelly Rowland’s New Image Good For Her Brand?

16 Jun

Can we talk about Kelly Rowland‘s new image? For years, Kelly was branded as a classy woman. While I am happy she is having success with her

latest single “Motivation,” I’m concerned with what it will do to her brand. She is getting very “Keri Hilson” on us, right? I don’t want to think about Kelly as a freak in the bed, I want think of her as a classy woman who can be brought home to meet someone’s mother. I have been (and always will be) a Kelly fan. I had this conversation on Facebook a few days ago with friends who had very interesting opinions.

I would love to hear thoughts from you all. What do you think about her new image? Is it negative? Is it something that can hurt her in the long-run?


Kanye West Is Not The Victim

16 Nov

Kanye West

Today’s post is part I of a two-part series. Wednesday, PR professional Brandon Vaughan will guest post and share his opinion (which is slightly different than mine) on the situation.

As a fan of rapper Kanye West, I am very disappointed with his behavior in the recent interview with Matt Lauer on “The Today Show.” Kanye met with Matt Lauer to discuss a recent George W. Bush interview where the former president claimed Kanye’s 2005 “George Bush does not care about black people” statement was one of the most disgusting moments of his presidency.

According to the NY Times, Kanye was coached by public relations agency Rubenstein Communications before his interview. If Kanye was coached by this agency, there are only two possible outcomes: he didn’t listen to anything they suggested or they’re not strategic public relations professionals. I’m a nerd for this industry so I will assume Kanye did not listen to the suggestions from this agency.

During the interview, Kanye perpetuated stereotypes everyone loves to hate him for – being cocky and rude. No matter what anyone says about Mr. West, he is a very, very talented artist and I will always be a fan. BUT, he continuously makes it hard to defend him in my inner-circle conversations. I know a great deal of people who will not support his music career because of his constant personal-life eff ups.

After watching the interview five times, I realized Kanye thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to say the first thing that comes to his head. Yes, he is a regular human being like everyone else but he is also a brand.


Kanye West

There were two incidents during the interview that got my blood boiling:

Kanye’s verbal and nonverbal reactions to Matt Lauer showing him a video of George W. Bush commenting on the situation

  • Kanye didn’t think it was necessary for this clip to be played because he didn’t need it to prompt any emotions. According to Kanye, he all ready was ready to apologize without seeing the clip. I totally understand Kanye’s point but it’s not his show and he wasn’t the journalist. Kanye should have followed Matt’s direction and shared his thoughts off set. Not only was he very rude while verbally expressing his disgust but he gave Matt and his team some very nasty looks.

Kanye complaining about hearing the “sound” when they ran the b-roll footage of him and Taylor Swift

  • First of all, I think Kanye was more upset at the fact they were playing the clip and not mad because he could hear the sound. If it was loud enough to distract him, that’s inappropriate but Kanye needs to realize the Taylor Swift incident will follow him for life. Sadly,  a lot of people will only remember him for that – mainly Taylor Swift’s hardcore following.

I could go on and on about this but I would love to hear your thoughts on this situation. Below is the video, what do you think about it?

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