Celebrity Brand Ambassadors … Maybe?

10 Feb

A brand that’s trying to create awareness + a celebrity who has a decent following = a ton of revenue and publicity, right? … Not!

For as long as I can remember, PR and marketing professionals have been working with celebrities for various awareness/publicity campaigns. Some of the partnerships are amazing and others are … less than amazing. In order to have a great partnership, professionals have to follow a certain formula:

Research (finding out who your target audience is and completing an audit on the celebrity) + Planning (creating goals, strategics and tactics) + Execution (tactfully acting on all things planned) + Measurement (seeing if you met your goals and saw ROI) = a great campaign.

A celebrity’s likability and beliefs should also be determining factors for marketing and PR heads. Some of my favorite celebrity-brand matches are: Diddy and Ciroc, Scott Disick and Astor & Black and Beyonce and L’Oreal.

A few days ago, I posed the question “How do you feel about celebrities as brand ambassadors? Will this tactic always be common or will it fade?” to my Twitter followers. Below are a few of their responses:


Jenni Lewis

Gail Siderman

What are some of your favorite brand-celebrity matches? Do you foresee this always being a common tactic or will it fade?

2 Responses to “Celebrity Brand Ambassadors … Maybe?”

  1. Kerry February 10, 2011 at 4:18 pm #

    Some of my favorite brand-celebrity matches are Micheal Jordan-Hanes, Micheal Jordan-Nike, Drake-Sprite and Queen Latifah-CoverGirl. I think that celebs will always be used to help a brand gain attention. I mean look at what Paris Hilton’s racy ad for Hardee’s did for their thick burgers. I do think that going forward brands are going to be more cautious of who associate their products with though.

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